Fix HP Printer not Printing After Changing a Cartridge

The main objective of HP printer is to take the printout for the varieties of documents ranging from business letter to advertisement campaign laid on their online channel. The high reading capability can be achieved with the existence of adequate ink volume in the cartridge section of it. In case there is scarcity of in amount in HP printer, then there might arise some complexity to let print in the exchange of respective command.  Now, you ought to fix HP Printer not printing after changing a cartridge issue. Appearance of this problem held mainly due to printer is not able to recognize cartridges. There might be probability that cartridge is still empty. On the other hand, this problem is common as you try to refill the print cartridge yourself.

HP Printer not Printing After Changing a Cartridge

Remove protective tape of printer

Most of the ink cartridge covers with the protective tape for their print nozzle. The tap tightens the nozzle not to spread ink in the storage. Here, you must focus on this fact non-removal of tape does not let to provide the eligibility for printing. It would be better to remove cartridge from the printer and look out the tape. As soon as you see some variation in the model of printer cartridge, you can get the color of printing. It is advised that you should not scratch the label of printer. Otherwise, there would be huge chance to get dry out the ink. In this way, there might be some interruption to do work. This may give the chance to stay away from HP Printer not printing confliction frequently.

Try to reset ink cartridge counter

What will you do in case printer does not recognize the new ink cartridge? Well, it may be possible to read the ink counter shortly. Most of the printers contain cartridge reset features which indicate machine to spot the new presence of printer.  For example, you must reset the cartridge in Epson printer model and press the hold button. Resetting of printer can be achieved by pressing and hold button refereed as the cleaning button. It may be possible to press the “load/eject” up to 3 seconds. Now, you would have to shut down the clamp, but there is no need to remove the cartridge from printer. Thereafter, you shut the clamp and press the load/ eject button easily. For getting the best result, one should to learn the process to reset their printer.

Need to run extended cleaning cycle

No matter what the length of cartridge is, the ink might be started to dry out. It is obvious to run the extended cleaning cycle so that you can get some correction in your work. Ensure you must pres the cleaning button of printer and hold it down for specific time interval.

Conclusion: Nobody should worry while facing Hp printer not printing even though changing the cartridge.  It is the genuine thing that one should apply the accurate technique to remove the failure as quick as possible.  If the reflection of same problem lies in your device, then you must contact to our expert through dialing HP Printer Help Number. Our technical assistance is available throughout the time.