Steps to Resolve HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Error e8

When the e8 error comes up on the HP LaserJet pro m1132 printer starts flashing, it means that the problem is with the scanner carriage. When the carriage movement stalls, the printer directly responds by sending an e8 error light. So, given below are the simple steps that you can follow to eradicate this issue instantly. For any sort of difficulty, contact our experts through HP Printer Number. They will sort out your problem and give you the best advice to overcome it.


Resolve HP LaserJet Pro M1132 Error e8

What are the reasons for this error?

The reason of the error could be software based, or maybe there is a break in the scanner motor connection. Or the problem maybe the motor itself and lastly the mechanism may have stalled. All these problems had ready answers. Reimage the repair tools for the software and manual repairs or maintenance for failure given to the mechanical parts of the printer.

Though, the most possible culprit is staged mechanically because of the expected wear and tear of the parts. Or the dust has accumulated on the sensitive mechanical arms and rubber rollers that leads to the limited movement and stalling eventually. Cleaning and maintenance will possibly resolve the issues behind the e8 error light signal.

What are the steps for cleaning and maintenance procedure?

Perform the cleaning and maintenance procedure given below.

  • Keep the HP LaserJet pro m1132 printer over a strong workbench, perhaps in a well-lighted and ventilated area. The things that are required are a screw driver, a clean rag and alcohol.
  • Raise the main printer cover and the smaller inner over.
  • Detach the ink cartridge lever, grip the handle and pull it out.
  • Search for the printer roller, unclip from the holder.
  • Keep the roller and clean it with a rag damped with alcohol, let it to dry. This requires thorough cleaning to remove dust, accumulated ink and other matters that coat the surface.
  • Put the roller back to the printer holder, proper reinstallation should produce a distinct click as the roller sets into position.
  • Keep the printer sideways and search for the jack at the back. Take away the two nuts and pull the jack out.
  • Clear the black printer roller inside and all the other parts, then keep it back the jack using the nuts that was earlier taken out.
  • Install the ink cartridge again. Back lock the lever down to keep it securely.
  • Shut the printer and power up. If the error light is still blinking, open-up the scanner cover and search for the drive gears.
  • Put oil on the drive gears and close the scanner.
  • Restart the printer again.

The process given above should have fixed the issue of the HP LaserJet pro m1132 e8 error lights. Cleaning and periodic maintenance is what is needed to prevent the issue from recurring in the future. Keep in mind that the scanner carriage slides along rails and if not correctly maintained it stalls resulting in the e8 error lights. The same thing happens to the rubber rollers that becomes unproductive if the friction is not upheld due to a dirt coated surface.

Always keep in mind that printers have mechanical parts that need to clean and maintain to work effortlessly.

For technical assistance, contact HP Support. Experts will help you in your problem. Call anytime for help.