Fix HP Printer Print Quality Problem in Simple Steps

In the latest technology world, HP is a world-class brand manufacturing many electronical devices which are beneficial for the users. Including its electronic devices, printer is the one having great quality of printouts with high speed. HP printer has various models and all are in your budget. So, if you are planning to buy printing machine this Diwali, then it is highly recommended to purchase HP printer as you will get extra offer on this product. While some hurdles may confront for the first time use. One most common printer issue that is Print Quality Problem, users usually complain and raise the voice of assistance to troubleshoot. So, here you need to obtain real and trustworthy HP Support from well-qualified and trusted technicians. They will give you the reason why the print quality is not up to the mark and how to eradicate the problem in a very efficient manner.

Fix HP Printer Print Quality Problem

Desired View Points To Fix HP Printer Print Quality Problem

If you find your printout is not clearly be shown, then try out the following steps one-by-one. With these guidelines, for sure you will get the printout in your hand at high quality. Therefore, without any confusion, give a look here:

  • Use The Genuine Ink Cartridges

The printer manufacturer always endorses its users to use authentic ink cartridges for the top-notch quality of printing solution. In case anyone is using third party’s manufactured or refilled ink, the quality of the printed paper may not be good. Therefore, make sure you are using real ink cartridges for printing.

  • Check The Paper You Have Adjusted Into The Input Tray

Follow these instructions to ensure that the paper is suitable for printing. In case it is inappropriate or unreal, then reload new paper inside the paper tray. Give a click on the noted lines:

  1. Load the stack of white blank paper with accurate size into the tray
  2. Also load the clean and wrinkle-free papers into your HP printer
  3. To get the high quality of printouts, you are suggested to use the plain paper or photo paper by the printer manufacturer
  4. It is advisable to store the stack of paper on an even surface and away from moisture. Load ten to twenty sheets of white blank paper into the tray only and store the other sheets inside a resalable or airtight plastic bag
  5. Using a damaged, unsupported, or inappropriate paper may leave smudges in a printout. So, always prefer to use a distinct paper for printing
  • Double-Check Print Settings In Windows

Check the print settings in your Windows operating system and give assurance that the print settings are configured accurately. Check out the settings via provided steps:

  1. Go to the printing software on your Windows and then give a click on “File”
  2. Now, choose “Print” option to launch the print window
  3. Open the dialog box from Properties
  4. Consider the following settings to get the printouts in correct format and clicking “OK” to confirm changes
  • Paper Type: If you are printing on a photo paper, choose the respective paper type as per your need.
  • Print Quality: To improve the quality of printouts, choose Best quality setting or mode. To take printouts at high speed and with an acceptable quality, you may choose Normal. Well, you would also have a Draft mode to lower quality but improve speed of printing.
  • Paper Size: Choose the right paper size that is A-4 in the software.
  • Black and White: In case you want to take printouts only in monochrome, select the option “Grayscale”
  • Replace Ink Cartridges If Needed

In case your printer is running out of ink, then a warning message pops-up on the computer screen which indicates you to refill the ink or replace the cartridges. Therefore, replace the ink cartridges immediately but only with the manufacturer one not third party.

  • Clean The Cartridges

If the printout has smeared text or getting an affected printouts, then there may be ink cartridges are clogged. In that case, you need to clean the cartridges appropriately with the use of wetted tissue.

Contact HP Printer Customer Service for Effective Answer

If you yet come across HP printer print quality problems, get in touch with our supportive professionals via calling at HP Printer Customer Service Number. This is the 24/7 online service proffered helpline number where candidates get 100% satisfaction solution within their budget also in limited time.