Fix HP Printer Error e4 with Reliable Solution

There is a time when you face HP Printer Error e4 due to paper jam issue and are unable to get rid of by the own. Once you get such an error, your printer doesn’t feed any pages to print and it makes you too much infuriating as some documents are too necessary to take printout. In case you are not skilled enough to eradicate such an error code, then you are suggested to obtain HP Printers Support for instant help as it is reliable and trustworthy. Moreover, you can continue reading this post as here you can find the most suitable troubleshooting guides to fix this in relevant manner.

Fix HP Printer Error e4

Reasons of Getting HP Printer Error e4

Here are the possible reasons which are quite common to get into such a problematic situation:

  • Due to jammed paper inside the input cabinet
  • Paper may be jammed in the output tray
  • The carriage might not move freely
  • Due to miscommunication between your printer and computer

So, these are some causes that may affect your printer to respond while trying to print and appears an HP Printer Error e4. Don’t panic! In this blog, you will also get effective ideas to annihilate it. So, simply feast your eyes over here.

Reliable Solutions to Fix HP Printer Error e4

Go through the below-mentioned instructions one-by-one carefully to make the error code E4 disappeared from the root in a couple of second. Have a glimpse underneath the given points:

Solution 1: Look-out For Jammed Paper

First and forecast, you need to check-out for any jammed paper if it is there inside the printer. The paper can be jammed in multiple areas of your printer. So, you have to check every corner and if you find it clear the jammed paper immediately. Once you clear the jammed paper or fix paper jam issue in your printer, you will no longer to experience HP Printer Error e4 when printing the document. In short, with no hassle you can print anything that you are required.

Solution 2: Ensure the Carriage Moves Freely

Next step you should take for exterminating this issue is to ensure that there is no foreign object or paper in the printer. Just, follow the below-points to ensure it:

  1. First, turn your printer ON if it is not already ON
  2. Now, open the exterior door and then open the Printhead access door
  3. Wait a while until the carriage is sluggish and silent
  4. Now, with the printer turned-on, disconnect the power cord from the rear of the printer
  5. Use a flashlight to check for any paper or object that might be restricting the carriage and then remove if you find any paper or object stuck inside the printer
  6. Now, go inside the printer with the help of printhead access door and then manually move the carriage
  7. Eliminate any loose paper or obstructions you find
  8. At the end, make sure that the carriage can move very frequently across the width of the printer
  9. After that, close the printhead access door and then close the exterior door
  • Reconnect the power cord to the rear of the printer and then turn it ON
  • Now, try to print to check the issue is solved or not

If yet the same problem persists, continue to the next procedure.

Solution 3: Clean the Paper Rollers

Use an automated utility to clean the paper feed rollers inside the printer and then try to print anything. If you yet face the same error, jump to the next solution.

Solution 4: Clean Ink Smears

Cleaning ink smears can help to clear the jammed paper and also optimize the print quality. So, clean the ink smears sooner and then try to print.

Grab HP Printer Troubleshooting Guidelines from Experts

Don’t feel blue! If you are still encountering the HP Printer Error e4 as we are working as a team and all are well-educated and highly experienced. So, when you make connection with us via calling on 24X7 helpline number, you can get effectual HP Printer Troubleshooting steps in a cost-effective way. So, give a ring as soon as possible and stay united with them until your problem gets sorted out from the root.