Align HP Printer with the Help of Certified Experts

If the printer ink fails to line up properly on printouts, or your printer shows an “alignment failed” error message, it might be your printer is out of alignment. You can align your Hewlett-Packard printer by aligning your ink cartridges, resetting your printer, or else using a different type of paper.If you don’t know how to Align Your HP Printer, then read out the blog post from top-to-toe constantly. You will get effectual ideas and can do this task without any hurdle. Moreover, you may also contact HP Printer Service team for getting desired possible solution of this problem.


Align HP Printer

Methods to Align Your HP Printer

Go through the below-given instructions carefully as only then you will be able to align your printer and take printouts clear in no time. Have a glance at once:

Method 1: Align Ink Cartridges

  • Power-on your HP printer
  • Load a A-4 size of plain paper into the printer’s input tray
  • Launch the HP Solution Center application on your computer by clicking on “Start” button followed by “Programs” and “HP”
  • Tap on “Settings,” then select “Print Settings” within the HP Solution Center
  • Click on “Printer Toolbox”
  • Click on “Align the Print Cartridges”
  • Click on “Align,” and then follow the on-screen instructions to adjust your printer and properly align the cartridges

Method 2: Reset the Printer

If the above method is not beneficial for you, then jump to the next method that is resetting your printer. Do it with the help of given steps:

  • Turn-on your HP printer
  • Now, disconnect the power cord from the back with keeping the printer powered on
  • Unplug the printer’s power cord from the electrical outlet
  • Wait for a minute and then plug the power cord back into the electrical outlet
  • Reconnect the power cord to the back of your printer
  • Wait for a moment until your printer gets automatically power-on by itself
  • After that print a page to verify that your printer is now properly aligned

Method 3: Making Use of Correct Type of Paper

If the above method is not worked out for you, then use this method:

  • First of all remove all paper from your printer’s input tray
  • Make sure the paper you are loading into the input tray is clean, unused and A4 size
  • Remove any photo, color, or used paper if applicable, and insert the plain white paper to the printer’s input tray
  • Touch the right arrow and select “Setup” from your printer’s control panel home screen
  • Select “Tools”
  • Touch the down arrow and select “Align Printer”
  • Open the top lid of your printer, and place the alignment test page
  • Locate the piece of paper front right corner of the scanner glass
  • Close the lid and press “OK.” Your printer will scan the alignment page
  • Verify the alignment page that it displays a series of marks that are black and blue in color
  • Examine the colored marks to verify that neither of the colors look faded, inconsistent, or streaky
  • Print a test page to assure that your printer is now properly aligned and no longer displays the “alignment failed” error message

Contact Experts If the Problem Continue

Don’t you get satisfied with these given procedures? Want some more handy solution for aligning your HP printer? If yes, then contact HP Support Printer as we have educated and expert tech-geeks who will assist you at reasonable cost. So, don’t worry! Your printer will easily be aligned within a pinch.

Fix HP Deskjet Printers Grinding Noise When It is Printing

Everyone has gone through some or the other problem with their printer, which is why users need the information to resolve the common issues. Several times, troubleshooting printer problems take little more than hasty computer know how and perform the procedural steps. Below is the process to fix HP Deskjet printers grinding noise when it is printing. If you want detailed information about the product, then you can contact HP Printer Support to grab the benefits of being served by the experts. The experts are technicians having full knowledge of the device. They will provide you the best solution to your problem.

Fix HP Deskjet Printers Grinding Noise

The reasons behind this grinding noise

A grinding sound can be heard when the printer is turned on or during printing. Blinking lights may cause noise. The problem may arise because of a carriage stall or a paper jam.

Step by step guide to solve the grinding noise

  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Release the power cable from the back of the printer.
  3. If the carriage moved to the center, or if the service station is lowered, withdraw the cartridges. Examine the printer for any broken parts.If the carriage did not move to the center, go for manually slide the carriage to the centre. If the carriage is locked either in the right or left position, then proceed to step 5.
  4. Shut the top cover of the printer.
  5. If your printer is HP Deskjet 900 series printer, go to the HP support document removing the cartridges if the printer will not Turn On or if the carriage is frozen (bpd50074).
  6. Remove the rear side door, or the automatic two-sided printing attachment, and look for any paper jams or paper hindrances. Remove all the obstructions.
  7. Check to confirm that the carriage is placed on the right side of the printer. Turn the rear paper guide rollers ascending five times, and then descending four times. If the rollers will freeze, open the top part and slide the carriage towards the right (if it is not present there and if the carriage can move). Try to rotate the rollers again while pushing the clutch in. If again, the rollers do not move, follow the next step.
  8. Swap the rear access door accessory or the automatic two-sided printing accessory. Shut the top cover.
  9. Plug the power cable back to the position.
  10. Turn on the printer, and substitute the cartridges if possible. If the carriage moves, but there is again a grinding noise, then there may be a paper feed issue. In the case, if the carriage will not move, then it is the issue of carriage stall.
  11. After cartridge installation, if the printer is showing a solid power light, then perform a self-test on your printer.

If still, the problem persists, then dial the HP Tech Support Phone Number to take advice from the experts who are technicians having full knowledge of the product and are available for their clients 24/7.


Solutions for HP LaserJet 2420 Printer Errors

HP is one of the most popular brands, which is manufacturing top quality printers in very affordable prices. Its printers have unique and latest features, so it is now in the big demand among users. HP LaserJet 2420 Printer is a new version of HP printers, which has so many unique features. But often while using it, you can experience some kinds of error codes. To fix error codes, you should take expert help for troubleshooting these error codes in the simple ways. Apart from this, you can also connect with our printer technical experts to get HP Printer Support within few minutes. Let us discuss about the error codes of HP LaserJet 2420 Printer and solutions given below: –

HP LaserJet 2420 Printer

Main Common HP Laser Jet 2420 Error Codes & Resolutions-

HP Error Code: –

12 – Open or No EP


If your toner cartridges of HP printer are installed rightly, actually it means that either a cover is open or you may have faulty cooling fans. Then, you should check that the all toners are installed rightly and that all covers are closed correctly. If the error continues, then you may have a hardware issue.

HP Error Code: –

14 – No EP Cartridge


Your printing machine either does not have a toner cartridge installed or does not identify one that is installed. Eliminating and reinstalling the toner cartridge solves the issues easily. Online printer technicians are very experienced to get rid of this error completely from the root.

HP Error Code:

16 – Toner Low

Solution- It means that your toner cartridge is either low or vacant. However, it may mean that the remaining printer toner is not distributed consistently. You attempt to remove the toner cartridge and shake it lightly to distribute the remaining toner. Once exhausted, you should replace the cartridge.

Another Troubleshooting Method-

All above error codes of HP LaserJet 2420 Printer are resolved. Still, if you face any other error code, you can apply another troubleshooting technique to solve it with the help of world class technicians sitting online anytime.  In addition, HP Support Assistant is one of the most popular software that helps to update the drivers and other related software. It also updates windows operating system also. It is strongly advised to run HP support assistant to run your device up to date and healthy.

Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 79

HP printer has become one of the most preferred printing devices in all over the world because it comes in the best configurations and advance features. It is not only used by small business users but also it is used for large business houses. But often, users experience a lot of technical problems with HP printer where error code 79 has become a major issue for its users and this kind of error code cannot be solved. If you are experiencing error code 79 with your printer and seeking right resolutions, you should take online HP Printer Support from certified printer experts. Here, you will get the best technical ways to resolve this error correctly.

Resolve HP Printer Error Code 79

Main Causes of HP Printer Error code 79:

  • Printer cable is damaged or not connected properly with the printer.
  • Supplied memory error where supply cannot reach into the toner cartridge chip.
  • This error can damage your cartridges and often it cannot recognize your cartridges.

Important Technical Ways to Resolve Error Code 79: –

  • Initially, you should check instantly where your device will strong into the switched on mode.
  • Check properly the printer behavior and if this is in the sleep mode, you need to press any keys for machine up.
  • Thirdly, you have to switch on your machine.
  • After this, you should go for power cord selection where you have to unplug from your device.
  • Next, you make sure that USB or another cable in the device which has connected.
  • If any other power cables are connected, immediately you have to disconnect them.
  • Then, you should press the power option.
  • Next, you have to leave your printing machine for 10 to 20 minutes.
  • Now, you should reconnect all power cables into your printer again.
  • Next, you need to switch on your printer.
  • Finally, after starting your HP Printer, your internal functionality will work rightly. Thus, your HP printer error code 79 will be resolved easily. In the case of any questions or confusions, you can get the complete support from HP Support Assistant experts available round the clock.

Another Accurate Resolutions

Thus just by following all these above steps, you can resolve HP printer error code 79 fully from the root. Still, if you face this error code again and again, you can get connected with world class technicians to get best resolutions over a short period of time.

What is HP Support Assistant?

HP Support Assistant is an application that is in-built installed in the HP computers. The main function of this application is that it helps the performance of your computer by offering you with automatic updates and troubleshooting tools. Such troubleshooting tools can resolve various issues in a simple and time efficient manner. It will effectively update and secure your computer. If you want some more knowledge and the methods of using this program, then you can contact our technical engineers via our provided helpline number.

HP Support Assistant

How HP Support Assistant being used?

HP Support Assistant can perform a system scan and provide you the entire information related to your computer’s operating system and hardware configuration. It can also show-up the details about warranties and installed apps and drivers. The application is clearly designed to be your portal for the latest HP updates and utility releases. From the ‘Updates and Tune-ups’ section you may set the application to notify you about updates and messages from HP.

How HP Support Assistant Help the Users to Terminate Glitches?

In some cases, the application links you directly with the HP forum and other pages that let you inform about the various issues and how to exterminate them. All in one HP Support Assistant is an invaluable tool that every HP user needs to have. It leaves a small footprint on your system resources and proffers a big difference in your computer’s performance.

Contact HP Printer Support Team for Handy Solution

And it has feature named ‘Contact technical support’ through which you can easily consider the application to be the tech support guy before actually calling them. But even though, if you face an issue that you can’t solve by your side, then place a call on our helpline number for obtaining HP Printer Support to get valuable information related to your particular glitch. We have expert connoisseurs who know how to effectively resolve your hurdles from the root.


Steps to Fix HP Support Assistant After Windows 10 Upgrade

After upgrading your Windows 10 on an HP system, you might notice that the HP Support Assistant application is broken. To Fix HP Support Assistant After Windows 10 Upgrade, you are required to take HP Support from deft connoisseurs. They are the only person who can assist you properly in eradicating such type of problems. It is guarantee once you lend a hand with us, within a pinch service will be proffered at your door-step.

Fix HP Support Assistant After Windows 10 Upgrade

However, one of the most immediate concerns is you might get notified when a new driver is been released. You most probably rely on the HP Support Assistant app that comes pre-installed on HP systems. This app runs in the background to inform you when any updates are available, and also be executed to force a manual check. It’s a great way to keep your HP system up-to-date with knowing the availability of new drivers and BIOS. Such an app allows checking manually whether the software is broken. Hence, if the automatic checkup isn’t working, then initiate a manual checkup.

Solutions to Fix HP Support Assistant After Windows 10 Upgrade

There are some relevant ways to cope-up this hurdle. All that methods are mentioned in this blog, you only should read out this page from top-to-toe. Therefore, give a look at once:

  • The process of fixing such issue is very simple. You only have to download and reinstall the HP Support Assistant app again.
  • You don’t require to uninstall the old one that is already been installed into the PCs or Printers of HP brand.
  • Once you install this application again in your PCs or printers, you will see there is an improvement in performance of these HP devices.
  • You may configure your options to install updates automatically or to notify when updates are available.

As we all know HP Support Assistant is in-built application of HP system. It will inform you that when updates are available on Windows. The technicians who are available 24/7/365 will offer you the blue-chip services related to your queries that you raised.


Steps to Reset an HP Toner Smart Chip

HP Laser Printers contain hardware that is Smart Chip which is usually placed in the toner cartridges. Such Smart Chip hardware tracks the toner levels, and may alert you when the ink levels get low. It will also inform you that toner cartridge replacement is imminent or necessary. For a newbie, it is tough to do this. So, use HP Support for handy solutions of your related queries. The technicians, who are working with this organization, have immense years of experience in dealing with the HP printer problems faced by the users. So, don’t get confused, just feel free to linked-up with us via dialing our provided helpline number.

Reset an HP Toner Smart Chip

When it is examined to refill HP color ink cartridges, you need to reset the cartridge. When the ink in the cartridge becomes low, a low ink warning will be displayed. This warning will still be displayed after you refill the cartridge due to incorrectly identify the problems with the toner by Smart Chip. At that point you should reset the smart chip so that your printer’s function can be restored. It will just take two minutes to do. Keep on continue read out this blog.

Methods to Reset an HP Toner Smart Chip

Following are the methods that you should do if really want to reset your HP toner smart chip but unfortunately don’t know the correct way. The points that are noted here is easy to understand. Hence, take a look at once:

  • Make your HP printer power-off via the power switch button
  • Now, press and hold the printer’s “Go” button on the main control panel, which is located on top of the printer
  • Power on the printer via the power switch button, while still holding down the “Go” button
  • After a few seconds, the display screen on the printer will read “Cold Reset.” Continue pressing the “Go” button
  • You will hear the printer’s motors rotating inside the machine
  • Now, release the “Go” button
  • The display screen will then read “Initializing,” then “Restoring Factory Settings.”
  • At last, the display will read “Offline.”
  • Press the “Go” button once again to bring the printer online
  • If the Smart Chip was malfunctioning, it should now be reset and printing functionality will be restored to your HP laser printer

To do your HP printer toner Smart Chip replaced, you have to put a call at HP Printer Support at +1-888-902-8333. Here, you will be provided the correct guidelines for resetting process. Such easy method will be given to you by our top-most tech engineers.